Pergolas and trellises for your Portuguese garden

pergola in portugal

Pergolas and gazebos offer plenty of structural height and architecture to your Portuguese garden. We often use them as entrances or doorways to another part or theme of your garden landscape design.

They can be designed from pine, eucalyptus or chestnut in a modern or rustic style that blends in superbly with your overall concept. As well as providing height, they are great for incorporating shade with the addition of trailing a whole host of colourful twining climbers or vines.

Honeysuckle, jasmine, passion flowers, pyrostegia or pandoras love weaving amongst the wooden frames and bring sparkles of colour and divine heady scents that will light up your garden.

From a small entrance pathway, a shady car park area or meadering maze, we can create something to suit all bugets and tastes.

trellis in portugal