Garden Rockeries in Portugal

rockeries in the Algarve

The geology of the Algarve is built up of three different strata - a composition of red and white limestone; sandstone - which is found closer to the coastal cliffs; and syenite - a rock very similar to granite, which is found in the hills of Monchique.

Used as either rough rocks or cut slabs, this beautiful, natural resource can bring a wonderful rugged dimension to your garden that is not only functional but also architecturally interesting.

Many properties in the Algarve are built on slopes, meaning the gradient in the garden is difficult to plant effectively as the run off from the rains make it challenging for plants to take root. Using our JCB and our experienced staff, large retaining walls can be built that need no planning permission. Stone walls can be built up to 3m high and once back filled with soil, you have the perfect planting area for lawns, shrubs or trees or we can lay a weed membrane and finish with a mulch of pine bark or gravel.

rock garden in Algarve

Natural stone rockeries can be built as a screen or simply to add a decorative feature to your garden, perhaps incorporating steps leading from one part to another. There are some stunning plants that are so at home when planted amongst rock walls and rockeries. Lotus Bertheloti (Parrots' Beak), Russelia Equisetiformis (Coral Plant), Lampranthus (Ice Plant) and Lantana Montividensis (Weaping Lantana) - all produce showers of flowers that will tumble down these beautiful rocks and bask in the Algarve sun.

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